How to Use Apple Shortcuts: Automate Your Tasks and Save Time

How to Use Apple Shortcuts: Automate Your Tasks and Save Time

Are you tired of repeating the same steps on your iPhone or iPad every day? Apple Shortcuts is the solution you’ve been waiting for. This powerful tool allows you to automate tasks, streamline your workflow, and save time. In this article, we’ll explore how to use Apple Shortcuts to make your life easier.

What are Apple Shortcuts?

Apple Shortcuts is a built-in app that lets you create custom shortcuts to automate tasks on your iPhone or iPad. With Shortcuts, you can perform a series of actions with just one tap, saving time and effort. Shortcuts can be triggered manually, or automatically using various triggers, such as location, time of day, or NFC tags.


Getting started with Apple Shortcuts

To get started with Apple Shortcuts, open the app on your device. You’ll see a library of pre-made shortcuts, as well as the option to create your own. To create a new shortcut, tap the “+” button in the top right corner.

Creating a simple shortcut

Let’s create a simple shortcut to get started. Tap “Add Action” and search for “Text”. Select “Text” from the list of actions and enter some text, such as “Hello, World!”. Tap “Next”, then “Done” to save your shortcut. Now, whenever you tap this shortcut, it will display the text you entered.

Adding actions to your shortcut

Shortcuts can include multiple actions, allowing you to automate complex tasks. To add an action, tap “Add Action” and search for the action you want to perform. For example, you can send a message, create a calendar event, or open a website. You can also add actions from third-party apps, such as sending a message with WhatsApp.

Using variables in your shortcut

Variables allow you to customize your shortcut based on the input you provide. For example, you can create a shortcut that sends a message to a specific contact, or creates a calendar event with a specific title and location. To use a variable, tap “Add Action” and search for “Variable”. Select “Set Variable” and give it a name, such as “Contact”. Now, when you add an action that requires a contact, you can select the variable instead.

Running shortcuts from the Home screen

To run your shortcuts from the Home screen, you can add them as widgets. To do this, swipe right on the Home screen until you see the widget screen. Tap “Edit” and select “Shortcuts”. Now, you can choose which shortcuts to add as widgets. Whenever you tap the widget, the shortcut will run.

Creating shortcuts with Siri

Shortcuts can also be triggered using Siri. To create a Siri shortcut, open the shortcut you want to use and tap “Add to Siri”. Now, you can record a phrase to trigger the shortcut using Siri. For example, you can say “Hey Siri, send a message to Mom” to run a shortcut that sends a message to your mom.

Sharing your shortcuts

Shortcuts can be shared with other people, allowing you to collaborate or show off your creations. To share a shortcut, open it and tap the “Share” button in the top right corner. You can share your shortcut as a file, or use the “Add to Home Screen” option to create an icon that runs the shortcut.


Apple Shortcuts is a powerful tool that can save you time and effort by automating tasks on your iPhone or iPad. With Shortcuts, you can create custom workflows that perform multiple actions with just one tap. Whether you’re a power user or a casual user, Shortcuts is a must-have app for anyone who wants to streamline their workflow and simplify their daily routine. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to create your own shortcuts and automate your tasks in no time.


Can I use Apple Shortcuts on my iPad or iPod touch?

  • Yes, Apple Shortcuts is available on all devices running iOS 12 or later, including iPad and iPod touch.

Do I need programming skills to use Apple Shortcuts?

  • No, Apple Shortcuts is designed for users of all skill levels, and no programming skills are required.

Can I edit or delete a shortcut?

  • Yes, you can edit or delete a shortcut by opening it and tapping the “Edit” button in the top right corner.

Can I add third-party actions to my shortcuts?

  • Yes, you can add actions from third-party apps to your shortcuts, as long as the app supports the Shortcuts API.

Can I use Apple Shortcuts to automate tasks on my Mac?

  • No, Apple Shortcuts is only available on iOS devices, and cannot be used to automate tasks on macOS.

Now that you know how to use Apple Shortcuts, you can start creating your own shortcuts and automating your tasks. With Shortcuts, you can save time and effort, and make your life easier. So why wait? Download Apple Shortcuts today and start streamlining your workflow.

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